Corey Rockwell


Corey joined AE Business Solutions in 2015 and has been focused on expanding AE's unique and highly-effective Workforce Management services to both existing customers, as well as, new customers who have grown weary of traditional staffing chain practices.  Corey and his wife Sheri have two children under two years old which means that when he’s not at work, he’s either changing diapers or washing his hands.


Kelly Roethe


Kelly has built her professional foundation on recruiting and business development experience which has conditioned her to look beyond the key words in a resume or job description. Kelly’s approach to recruiting is not to find you a job or a company an employee; she’s looking for synergy. Kelly digs deep, and asks (a lot) of questions: Where do you want to go? What challenges do you want to take on? What energizes you on a Monday and leaves you feeling accomplished on a Friday?

When she is not in the AE office, you can find Kelly with her husband Andrew in the stands, enthusiastically cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers.



Jason Santore 


Jason joined the AE Workforce Management team after 5 years of higher education recruitment and advising. Whether it’s helping people get the education they need or the job they want, Jason is passionate about helping people take the next step in their lives. In his free time, Jason enjoys producing music and getting spiked on during sand volleyball. He and his wife Katelynn, moved to Madison from the east coast a few years ago and are really enjoying life in the Midwest. 


Alex Stormoen 


Alex recently joined the AE Workforce Management team after gaining several years of valuable recruitment and business development experience. Alex really enjoys getting to know his candidates on a personal level and becoming a valuable resource that helps them advance in their careers. Alex is a born and bred Wisconsinite who has called Madison home for approximately 6 years. Outside of work, Alex can be found cheering on his favorite Wisconsin sports teams or on the golf course with his friends and family. 


Alex Stormoen 


Nathaniel joined the AE Workforce Development team after 3 years of wearing many different hats in the industrial field. Being an avid learner and perpetual student gives Nathaniel a great appreciation for the ever changing environment of the IT World. In late 2017 Nathaniel moved to Madison from the Milwaukee area and he continues to spend his time watching movies or playing volleyball, basketball, and softball. 


Ali Reeg 


Ali joined the AE family after recently graduating with a Marketing and Business degree from Loras College in Iowa.  Moving to Madison to pursue a recruiting career with AE Business Solutions has not only proven to be rewarding and challenging, but has offered her a chance to truly make an impact on people’s lives. When Ali is not in the office, you can find her at the CrossFit gym spending more time playing with members’ dogs than lifting weights.